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Don’t Sell Yourself Short, You CAN Increase Your Income!

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Increasing your income is easier than you think. If you disagree,  all you need is a slight change in perspective. Don’t sell yourself short, just sell yourself.

Everyone Has Marketable Skills

Everyone has a skill that could translate into extra income. To help you determine what marketable skill you have that could help you generate some extra cash, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What are your hobbies? Cooking, building computers, making things out of wood, or home renovation skills are all things that can be money makers.
  • What are your interests? Do you like the look of a well groomed lawn? If so, others just might hire you to take care of theirs.
  • What do people ask you for help with? Computer technical assistance, taking photos, or changing oil are skills that other people may not have that you could charge for.

The trick is to determine what skills you have, or what work you will do that others are willing to pay you money to do for them. Don’t sell yourself short, everyone has some of these skills and talents.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve identified a skill or talent that you believe you can get paid for, it’s time turn it into real cash.

  1. Self-Advertising : Put an ad in the local newspaper’s classified ads is a great way to advertise a service you are willing to provide.
  2. CraigsList : There’s a “Gigs” section on craigslist where people post work they need to be done. A person might even find other jobs they’re willing to do for money!
  3. Part-Time Job : Some might take a slightly different route and find a part-time job. While this might not be quite as flexible as the other options, it would be more consistent.

The Advantage Of The Side Hustle

Utilizing a skill or a talent as a side hustle is a smart way to increase your income that has several advantages:

  • Decide Effort : You can decide how much time you want to put into your side hustle. You can match the effort to how much extra income you want to generate!
  • Set Your Own Price : You can negotiate your own rate. Don’t sell yourself short, work only for a rate that is worth your time!
  • Improve Bottom Line : Adding a little extra income will help anyone’s bottom line. Maybe the income is needed just to meet monthly financial commitments, or maybe it’s all extra discretionary income to help increase your enjoyment of life!

Increasing your income is as easy as as discovering your hidden talents and skills that can make you money. Whatever your reason for wanting to increase your income, don’t sell yourself short, you can do it!

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