Do You Know What’s Covered By Your Appliance Protection Plan?


I was sure it would eventually happen again. I was right. My squeaky dryer, that suddenly became quiet, started squeaking again. More accurately, the squeak had turned into more of a squeal. Without saying a word, my wife and I had a complete conversation. I gave her look saying, “Time to search YouTube for help on how to replace the drum bearings,” but her face was more along the lines of, “I’m going to start searching the internet for the best deal on a new dryer.”

Our conversation then continued with actual verbal communication. With our dryer being 12 years old, she figured it was getting close to end of life and we’d be better off buying a new one. I insisted I could fix it, delaying an expense of hundreds of dollars. Before the discussion became heated, my wife suddenly wrinkled her forehead and wondered aloud if our dryer was covered by our appliance protection plan.

Our dryer could be repaired at no charge if it was covered under our appliance protection plan.

I knew our water heater was covered, as well as all our kitchen appliances and our furnace / air conditioner. For some reason I thought that the washer and dryer were NOT covered. However, when my wife called the service provider she found that our dryer was indeed covered by our plan. She scheduled a service call for the dryer, as well as to have our washer looked at since there was a minor amount of water leakage on occasion.

A few days later a service technician arrived at my home to look at both our washer and dryer. He replaced the hose on the washer, and ordered parts for the dryer. Once the parts arrived, he came back to install them.

I’m happy to report that my dryer is now squeak free.

We have an appliance protection plan, but we almost didn’t utilize it for our washer and dryer. Because we didn’t know all the details of our plan, I almost ripped apart our dryer for a DIY repair. Even worse, we might have eventually gone down the path of buying a new dryer. Neither of these was necessary. All we had to do was pick up the phone.

Do you have an appliance protection plan? Do you know what appliances are covered under your plan? Maybe it’s time for a review!

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