Do Off Brand Lightning Charging Cables For Your Apple Products Really Work?

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Standing in the electronics section of Walmart, I had a decision to make. Would I pay $19.99 for a 3ft Apple brand lightning cable, or 1/3rd that cost for an off brand cable that claimed to be able to charge and sync my wife’s iPhone just as well? Under most other circumstances I would have picked the less expensive option, but I was giving serious consideration to paying more for the official Apple cable.

Why would I pay 3 times as much for a cable just because it was made by Apple?

A few months after my wife got her shiny new iPhone, a catastrophic incident occurred that left the lightning cord that came with the phone inoperable. The next morning I purchased a cheap off brand replacement cable which worked great, for about 2 months. My wife stated she would like a longer cord this time around, and thinking the previous cable must have just been a rare bad item, I again purchased an off brand lightning replacement cable. This cable lasted less than a month.

With two quick failures of off brand lightning cables, I started to question their quality.

The cheap cables appear to simply not last. Additionally, I’ve found that some of them flat out don’t work at all when I plug them into the USB charging port in my vehicle.

Looking closer at different brands of lightning cables, I found that the ones priced higher are “MFi Certified.” This is a certification that they pay Apple to obtain, and therefore pass that cost along to the consumer. I doubt that the certification means the cables are guaranteed to last longer or work better than non-MFi certified brands, but they certainly cost more.

I put an official Apple Lightning cord into my cart and continued on with my shopping. If I’m going to pay more for a cable, I might as well get it right from the same company that manufactured the phone. Most of the time I’m all for generic or off brand products as I find the quality is either the same, or fairly close. But in the case of lightning cables for my family’s Apple products, the knock off cables are a bust.

How about you Clever Friends, have you had any luck with buying off brand lightning charging cables for your Apple products, or do you stick exclusively to official Apple cables?

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  • They do work. They don’t seem to last as long. But it’s not like the authentic ones lasted forever. So if you can get three at 1/3 the cost and have those combine to last longer than one from Apple, then you’re coming out ahead.

    • That’s a big “If”, Money Beagle. I’ve heard some good things about some that can be bought from Amazon, but the ones I bought from Walmart are complete junk.

  • I’m not much of an apple user but I always buy the off brand usb and now usb-c chargers and haven’t had an issue with probably well over a dozen different off brand ones. I’m thinking maybe you just had bad luck with those two.

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