Do NOT Pay Full Price For Tax Preparation Software

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If you do your own taxes using tax preparation software, and you’ve already completed your return, I hope you didn’t pay full price for the software. If you do your own taxes using tax preparation software and you have NOT completed your return, I’ve got some great news for you.

Get ready to save some money!

I was on the H&R Block website filling in my payment information to download their tax preparation software when I remembered my own advice:

Never buy anything online without searching for a coupon code.

Typing some keywords into my favorite internet search engine quickly turned up a 35% discount for any H&R Block tax software. Instead of paying over $76 for their premium version (with taxes and fees), I paid about $52.

Spending less than 30 seconds searching the internet, I saved $24.

I purchased the premium version using a generic 35% off link, but there are other codes available for specific versions of the software. There’s even a link to save on the e-filing fee, which is not included in the price of the software package.  Some additional searches uncovered discounts for H&R Block and TurboTax, the two most popular versions of tax preparation software.

Here are some places I found discount links for tax preparation software:

I’m sure the same discounts are available at many other places, but the point is, you should NOT pay full price for tax preparation software. Using tax preparation software is cheaper than paying someone to do your taxes for you.  But you can take an additional bite out of the stress of tax season by reducing the cost of doing your taxes even more!

Have you done your taxes yet? Did you use a discount offer to reduce the price?

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