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Did you notice the new site design?

I decided to try out a 3-column design again, but modified from 1 left, 1 right to both sidebars on the right. I’m surprised I was able to get it up and running in only about 2-3 hours tonight, but if you notice anything quarky, let me know on this post. Also, feel free to leave your own comments about the design in general (likes, dislikes).

If you’re wondering why I decided to change, It’s so I could get more sidebar content above the fold and in your eyes! I don’t have major plans for it yet, but I’m working on it.

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  • “above the fold”? Are you a current or former newspaper person?

    I think the design looks good but there doesn’t seem to be much in your far right column right now. I bet you have plans to add more in the future, though.

  • Yeah… I agree, it’d be better to have skinnier sidebars or else center the text between them…

    Although I usually read your rss feed.

  • Kacie: It’s actually a term used in website design too (although yes it comes from newspapers).

    I’ll try to tweak it, but I think I like having the sidebars both on the right instead of on either side (for now). My old design before 2 columns was 3 columns with the content in the middle. Personally, I just don’t want to look like everyone else 🙂

  • I just changed my home page from 3 columns to two (my interior pages were already 2). There isn’t a magic formula, but scrolling isn’t always a bad thing- people expect to scroll down.

    Half the page for sidebars is maybe a bit much, but that’s just my opinion.

    The beautiful thing about the Web is that you can experiment and tweak as much as you want.

  • I went like you, and recently went from 2 to 3. Both my columns are to the right of my content. I liked putting all my stuff to one side and then having my content stand by itself. I like it this way but know a lot like it the other way. To each his own.

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