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DC Blogger Happy Hour, June 2009

Ahhh, beer. That was the focus of this evening’s DC Personal Finance Blogger happy hour, since we held the event at Brickskeller in downtown Washington, D.C. While I’m not a big beer fan, I do like to try out-of-the-ordinary foods and beverages, so I opted for:

– a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and
– (after trying a bit of Mapgirl’s) a Duchesse de Bourgogne

I realized I had the Young’s in Pittsburgh earlier this year, and it was still just as tasty (I don’t normally like dark beers, much less stouts). As for the Duchesse, I’m surprised I ordered one after tasting it, but it grew on me. It basically tasted like A) cider or B) balsamic vinagrette. But it had a smooth flavor and no bite.


The usual suspects were in attendance, but we did have a new face (and a second appearance):

It was good to have a small group because at most we only had 2 conversations running at a time, and we really learned from each other. Even though two of us (Mapgirl and I) have passed the 3 year mark on our blogs, we can still get rejuvinated by the new bloggers, with their fresh minds and go-get-em spirit.

Thank you fellow bloggers for a great night out. It was worth the 2 hour commute to hang out with all of you!

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  • Clever Dude,

    The happy hour was great last night. I am excited and anxious to learn the ways of the “blogger” from everyone. It was a really good time and i am glad you made the lengthy trek to the Brickskeller. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  • It was great seeing you again! Do you want to host the next one? *hint hint*

    The conversation is always enlightening. I’m definitely not leveraging the blog like I could be. 😀

  • @Mapgirl, if I offer up our home for a PF Blogger pool party, it will definitely be a select group of bloggers who we’ve already vetted in person! I don’t think I’ve met anyone shady at any of these gatherings though.

  • Good times as always, really did like that new beer at the end. I never will remember the name but it was solid. Fun conversations all around.

  • Ahh a new fan of the Duchesse! I hope you were able to get it on tap… its good from a bottle too but on tap its even better.

  • I’m totally down! we could all bring our own case of beverages to try out 😉 I know some prefer the pink ones w/ umbrellas in ’em so I’d be sure to not forget those…

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