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Creddy as a Retail Finance Solution for e-commerce Businesses

creddyThe Creddy software was specifically developed with a view of improving e-commerce for the customers and the merchants. The software has continued to be used as a means of payment providing both the sellers and buyers with solutions in as far as making and receiving payment is concerned.

Wondering how it works?

The retail finance software works in such a way that once an individual makes his/her commitment to make a certain purchase online, the software automatically appears among the payment options. Once you are provided with this option, you are at liberty to make a decision on exactly how much you’d wish to be financed. You are allowed to borrow as little as 10% of the product’s cost or as much as the entire amount. Once that is done, you can then get your product, enjoy it and get to pay back at your own convenience.

The same process can be applied when it comes to B2B transactions. Creddy offers with an easier option when it comes to making payments for certain products. As a business, make a purchase even when you do not have the finances to facilitate the trade. In so doing the sales of your business are automatically elevated.

A business can take advantage of the different repayment options which are available on offer. These payment plans are designed in such a way that they can complement any budget. The best part about Creddy is that they rely on honesty. You can trust any information that is made available to you. That means that you do not have second guess the information about interest rates, loan payment period and the loan payment amount.

How Creddy promotes e-commerce businesses

One of Creddy’s commitments is to ensure that the entire process involved in buying and selling on the online platform are conducted in an efficient and convenient manner. With that said, businesses online stand to gain a lot from this magnificent payment system.

Online store owners stand to gain a lot in terms of increased profitability. Measures have been taken to ensure that the culture of respect and integrity is encouraged among its customers to build on trust. A business can benefit from:

  • Attractive Creddy point of sale credit for customers using any platform and device. This means that by using their services, there is no room for inconveniences. You can conveniently access credit from any device or platform.
  • Increase your business sales potential. The fact that Creddy allows its customers to make purchases even in situations when they do not have adequate funds to purchase the products they needs means that you get to elevate the sales of your business.
  • Easy integration. With Creddy, you get an opportunity to easily integrate the software into any e-commerce solution. What you need to do is to follow some simple instructions and you’ll be a few steps away from boosting your sales.

Do not wait for so long to embrace the change, get started with Creddy software.

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