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Copper Wear TV Ad Is Too Good To Be True


The narrator talks fast, makes outrageous promises, then throws a special offer at you if you, “Act Now.” It’s the familiar template of the typical 30 second TV ad trying to get you to buy a product over the phone, or if you’re lucky from a website. I have to admit, some of the products look kind of cool, but I would never buy one until I did a little research, or even better yet was able to check out the product live.

One such ad has been catching my eye as of late, however. Maybe you’ve seen it too, it’s the one for Copper Wear compression products. They make them for your elbow, knee, and various other body parts. It sparked an interest in me because I wear a knee sleeve on my right knee, and I’m just not happy with the design. It has a hole where my knee cap is, which I assume is supposed to allow it to bend more easily. But it slips down, and then it just feels uncomfortable.

Over the weekend I was walking through Walmart, and passed through the “” section. I found the Copper Wear knee sleeve, inspected it, and decided to give it a try. After all, it was only $10, which is the same price as any most other knee braces.

Later that day, I was walking around the gym as I worked out wearing my new knee sleeve when coincidentally the Copper Wear knee ad came on one of the TVs suspended in front of a bank of treadmills. I was puzzled when the advertised price for the knee sleeve was $20. It all made sense a few seconds later when the ad stated that if you bought one sleeve for $20, you’d get a second one free.

That’s right, if you buy one sleeve for $20, you’d get a second one absolutely free!

I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud. The bottom line is, you can’t buy just one. You have to buy two, but they advertise it as a great deal even though the price is exactly the same as just buying two from a brick and mortar store minus the shipping and handling.

I actually like the knee sleeve a lot. It’s comfortable, it doesn’t slide down my leg, and it feels like it’s giving my knee a hug. But this experience has definitely taught me that those TV ad specials are definitely too good to be true.

Have you ever purchased something online, or over the phone as a direct result of a TV ad like this? Did it also advertise a special deal that you later found out to be nothing but questionable advertising?

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Brock Kernin


  • I tend to be very distrustful of these types of products and offers. Anything sold via an infomercial or otherwise seems like it probably doesn’t have the best interests of the consumer at heart, and I normally just avoid it.

  • Some of the stuff they have on informercials do spark my interest, but I don’t think I’d ever buy them without seeing/touching them in real life, because I feel like sometimes they’re too good to be true. Haha funny how they played out that marketing tactic.

  • Some of my stuffs purchased online and there’s no problem on it and so far i’m satisfied with the products. Some of it I saw on television ad and some refer to me with my friends.

  • @MoneyBeagle – Very true….that’s why I like to check the “As Seen On TV” sections at Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. If I can see it, touch it, and inspect it, I’m much more likely to buy it.

  • @Suburban Finance – I’m the same way……that’s why I like to check the “As Seen On TV” sections. There actually a whole store for this in the mall of america in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

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