Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week

Happy Friday, Clever Friends,  it’s been a great first week posting here at Clever Dude!  I don’t know about you, but about noon on Friday my brain starts to shut down for the weekend and my motivation takes a nose dive.  I thought a great way to conclude the week is to give a shout out to my favorite posts that I’ve read this week to provide you with some great reading for your Friday, or your weekend.  Check out the posts below, and let me know what you think!

  1. Having a son who is now a teenager, the cost of college is on my mind often.  Knocking Down the Student Loan from Couple Money reminded me yet again how expensive college can be.  Awesome job on taking a bite out of that student loan debt!
  2. Square Pennies asks the readers Is Cheap Going Mainstream?  Let’s hope so!
  3. The Best and Worst States for Saving Money is an infographic from Go Banking Rates.   What does the graphic say about your state?
  4. Propaganda Alert: Visa Direct Deposit Prepaid from Beating Broke left me shaking my head.  What a terrible product.  These people must think consumers are stupid.
  5. Unsexy Personal Finance: 6 Things You Need to Take Care Of from Free From Broke showed me a couple of very important things that I need to take care of.   Have you completed all 6?

How about you, have you read any great posts you’d like to share?


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  • I appreciate the mention Brock! The Debt Movement was the little jolt we need to get some progress made on the student loan.

    We’ve been paying a bit extra before, but the various posts about getting rid of debt has been motivating us to do a bit more. Hoping to get rid of this loan by the end of next year!

  • I’ve visited the Debt Movement site a time or two as well, Elle – love the concept! Lots of great posts by many PF bloggers over there. Good luck to you completely eliminating your student loan debt by the end of the year!

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