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Clever Posts Of The Week – September 5th

My son informed me last night that he and his friends want to get into better physical shape.  I started him on a strength training program about six weeks ago, and it’s been going great.  It’s quality time for him and I to lift weight together, and he’s already getting stronger.  Now, he and his friends want to get together a couple of times as week and go running.  He also expressed an interest in eating better.  I’m little curious as to where this is all coming from, but happy that he’s taking an interest in his health.   Maybe I should get him into reading fitness blogs.  🙂

Speaking of reading blogs, I’ve done A LOT of that this week……here’s my favorite posts I’ve found.  Enjoy!

  1. Keeping Your Money Under Wraps With a Budget from Suburban Finance
  2. How Much Does Private Health Insurance Cost? from Money Bulldog
  3. How To Get Yourself To Workout When You Don’t Want To from Fitnancials
  4. The Basics Of Your Health Insurance You Must Know from Money Beagle
  5. Overdraft Is A Trap: How To Avoid Going Into Overdraft from Money Smart Guides

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  • Hey Brock, that’s great that he’s wanting to do it off his own back! I remember hitting that stage too, long time ago now. 🙂 I hope my boys have the same drive when they’re older. Thanks for the include by the way!

  • @Adam – We’re at about the six week mark of strength training, and he’s starting to see changes taking place….I think he’s really liking lifting weights with me – I know I’m enjoying spending the time with him. Start your boys early with fitness, make it a lifestyle – I wish I would have started earlier with mine – thanks for stopping by!

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