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Clever Posts Of The Week – October 24th

While getting ready for the day, I stretched in front of my bathroom mirror.  In my early morning fog, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to where I was extending my arms, and I ended up hitting the light fixture on the wall above the mirror…..and knocked it out of the wall.  I have no idea how these things are attached, but apparently my theory that they would be attached to a stud was completely wrong.  The fixture is now hanging loose, but not loose enough for me to see what’s behind it, how it’s supposed to be secured to the wall, or what’s wrong with it.  I’ll give you three guesses as to who is going to be shutting off the circuit to the bathroom and taking apart a light fixture this weekend.  🙂

What do you have on tap, other than reading the below personal finance articles?

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  4. Make your own junk food! from Savvy Scot
  5. What Do You Tolerate to Save Money? from Prairie Eco Thrifter

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