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Clever Posts Of the Week – November 22nd

The wife and I will be spending the weekend preparing to host Thanksgiving at our home for both her and my parents.  Lots of cleaning, and of course getting the food needed ahead of time.  I really wanted to try throwing a turkey on the smoker this year, but she’s afraid it won’t turn out so it’s either make two Turkeys (one in the oven) or scratch the idea of using the smoker.  She thought that would deter me, but I’m not opposed to having a ton of left overs.  Turkey sandwiches make for great lunches.  🙂

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  • My parents have smoked turkey for thanksgiving before, and it’s always turned out well and made for really tasty smoked turkey meat. However, that just doesn’t taste like thanksgiving to me. Also you can’t stuff the turkey, you don’t get drippings to make gravy, and the broth you get (from boiling the carcass), while tasty, can’t be used for regular turkey soup after (makes for great smoky potato soup though).

    What I would recommend is that you buy two turkeys now, while they are cheap and easy to find. Freeze one and cook one the traditional way for thanksgiving. Then when all the leftovers are gone from that, and you’re not sick of looking at turkey, pull the other one out and smoke it. Then you’ll have smoked turkey for sandwiches and such, and won’t be changing someone’s holiday traditions.

  • @Jenny – Great suggestion! You could very well be the smartest person alive – just throwing that out there. I’m going Turkey shopping this weekend and am going to follow your suggestion. 🙂

  • @Adam – no worries, it’s been a great week with Thanksgiving here in the US…..back to work on Monday after a week of vacation – it’s gonna be HARD!

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