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Clever Posts Of The Week – November 21st

I’ve got a busy, and potentially expensive weekend ahead of me.  Tonight we’re going to a friend’s 40th birthday party.  It’s in a nearby town, so I won’t be partaking in any adult beverages so we can come home and save on a hotel room.  But, we have to fill the tank, get a gift and eat dinner somewhere along the way.  Saturday evening my wife has a charity event to go to.  She already has the ticket and outfit purchased, but she’s got an appointment at the salon for hair and nails.  This event is also out of town, so more gas into the van.  I think we’ve got our budget buttoned up, but we have to make sure we stay focused to stay within the amount we allocated for these two events.

I better read through my favorite posts of the week one more time just to make sure I’m in the right frame of mine…..what do you have rollin’ this weekend?

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