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Clever Posts Of The Week – November 14th

Exciting times here at CleverDude as my post about FREE Software that can save money and headaches was picked up by Money Talks News.  I’m always grateful to be picked up by a bigger website for the opportunity to share my posts with a larger audience.   Anything exciting happen in your lives this week?

Speaking of exciting, here’s some posts to get excited about….happy weekend Clever Friends!

  1. How Managing Debt Is Like Dieting from Money Smart Guides
  2. The place you live in is what you do with it from Reach Financial Independence
  3. When Can I Afford to Take a Vacation? from Modest Money
  4. Do you really need to spend that money? from DINKS Finance
  5. The Benefits of Obsessively Budgeting For A Year from Casheville Skyline

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