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Clever Posts Of The Week – March 14th

Friday is garbage day, which means it’s also clean out the fridge day.  This morning I went through the fridge disposing of anything that was expired, or I project to never be eaten.  When I was done it looked pretty barren.  The kind of, “I have no idea what we’re going to have for dinner,” barren that makes me know that a very large grocery shopping trip is about to happen.  As the wife and I sit down to do our weekend budget discussion this evening, we may need to allocate a little extra for groceries.

Have you ever opened your fridge, and just known that your grocery bill is going to be higher???

To get you in the right kind of financial mood for the weekend, here’s the best posts I’ve read this week.  Enjoy!

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  4. The Great Debate: Starter Home or Forever Home? from Suburban Finance

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  • Oh my goodness, you are one of those people that does productive things in the morning! I can’t bring myself to do anything in the morning other than drink coffee and read blogs. Every once in a while my fiance and I do a huge fridge clean and get rid of a whole bunch of stuff. It’s satisfying but like you, we come away from the activity with a big grocery bill.

  • Smiling @ Daisy. I am such a morning person – if it doesn’t get done by noon, it’s probably not going to get done – at least not by me, anyhow!

    I love my fridge to be empty, and it really doesn’t prompt me to buy groceries. As long as there is milk, butter, spinach and cheese, we can make it.

  • @Daisy – LOL, yep, I’m one of those people. 😉 Up at 5am, and most of the time I get more done in the few hours before everyone else wakes up than I do the rest of the day.

    Reading blogs in the morning is productive…isn’t it??? Have a great weekend!

  • @Cathie – We morning people have to stick together, right!?!? The emptiness of the fridge doesn’t necessarily prompt me to buy groceries (I love it to be as empty and organized as possible), but in my cleaning out I also came to the conclusion we had eaten almost every meal choice we had previously purchased.

  • I haven’t really practiced it but I know someone who cut their grocery bills buy doing weekly grocery shopping and planning weekly meals. This way they’re sure of what things to buy and don’t let them expired in the fridge!

  • We meal plan, and generally eat all of our leftovers. However, sometimes (like last week) I found some outliers that needed to be tossed as well as some condiments that had expired. I hate to do it, but it happens!!!

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