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Clever Posts Of The Week – June 7th 2013

We’re a full week into June, and I’m STILL waiting for weather nice enough to sit outside on the deck with friends in the evening.  I’m sure it’ll come eventually, right?  Until then, I’ll just keep scouring the internet for blog posts to share with you on Fridays.  🙂

Here’s what I found this week:

  1. I normally throw out coupons once they expire, but Money Beagle tells us Coupon Policies Are Not Always Enforced.
  2. Jenny from Frugal Guru Guide has a guest post over at The Frugal Farmer and tells us How to Save Money on Groceries. You’ll be amazed at how little she spends on groceries for her family!
  3. Free Money Minute tells us that sometimes, It’s Good To Be Greedy.
  4. One thing that my wife and I had to learn to do in order to truly get our finances under control is tracking our spending.  Looks like Mint agrees in their article The Key to Health, Wealth, and Happiness: Track Your Spending.
  5. I needed a BS degree to get the job I have, so my education was totally worth it.  That may not be the case for everyone, however as DINKS Finance explores in Was your education worth it?

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