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Clever Posts Of The Week – July 18th

My son has spent a lot of time on the computer this summer playing online games.  His friends come over, and he goes over to their houses as well.  But their activity almost always revolves around playing online games.  So, I was shocked to have my son ask me if he could get a new bike.  He has outgrown his previous bike, and apparently he and his friends have been talking about cruising around.  Hey, I’m all for him spending some additional time outside, so off we go this weekend to get him a new bike.  I think it’s time to re-instate the family bike ride as well!!

Speaking of being outside, one of the things I’ve gotten in the habit of doing to enjoy the Summer air is to take my laptop and my blogging work outdoors to the deck.  I can have a cold one or two while crafting the latest Clever Post, or reading other great articles like the ones below!  Check ’em out and give ’em some love!

What are you doing to get you and your family outside this Summer?

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  • It’s funny you should mention both of these things Brock because I’ve been working a little outdoors recently too – the joys of Wifi hey! – and I’ve also been thinking of investing in a good mountain bike again. They don’t come cheap if you want to buy a good one though do they. As always, thanks for the share too, I really appreciate it!

  • @Adam: I love working outside – let’s me have the best of both worlds: enjoying Summertime and still getting some work done! Hopefully my family is up for the group bike rides, we just don’t get enough great weather for outside activities here!

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