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Clever Posts Of The Week – January 9th

I’m excited for the mail to come today!  My son ordered a new graphics card for his computer and the tracking information indicates it will be delivered today.  It’s a beast of a card for which he’s been saving for a long time.  I don’t play video games often these days, so it’s not the use of the card that is the source of excitement – although I’m sure I’ll have my son show me what it’s capable of.  No, for me the excitement comes from the installation.  Now, plugging in a new graphics adapter in itself is not all that exciting. BUT having to rewire the entire computer because the graphics adapter requires a bigger power supply….THAT’s exciting!  It’ll be a nice bonding experience for my son and I as well as I teach him the skill for him to be able to do this for himself in the future.

Have a great weekend, Clever Friends – and before I go, let me list my favorite 5 posts from the week.  Enjoy!

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