Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week – February 7th

Last weekend’s Super Bowl was a complete bust.   It was a very anti-climactic end to my favorite sports season, and as I mentioned last week I now have 6-8 weekends before it gets nice out to do outside activities.  I happened to mention this in front of my wife, who instantly had an idea that will keep me very busy.  We’ll be going through each room of our house and decluttering by throwing stuff away, donating and organizing.  My initial reaction wasn’t positive, but I am a decluttering fanatic, so I’ve slowly warmed up to the idea.  First up this weekend will be the guest bedroom closet which has been the default target of anything we don’t know what to do with for years.  Get ‘er done, right?

Alright Clever Friends, time to take a look at my favorite posts of the week…enjoy!

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