Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week – February 28th

It’s been a week since a blizzard hit the Midwest, and the roads are still TERRIBLE.    Most of the main roads are cleared off, but the residential roads are packed with 2-3 inches of super compacted ice and snow.  There are small chunks that have broken away, leaving what they are calling “ice potholes.”  Driving down the road is so jarring that it almost gives a guy a headache.  I wonder how many people will be taking their cars in for an alignment after this is all said and done.

The past week has delivered some great posts from the personal finance community.  Let me give you a “high five.”  Haha, that’s kind of clever, get it?   Awwww, come on, don’t leave me hangin…..

  1. Surprisingly Profitable Household Items to Sell Online from Money Smart Guides
  2. I don’t save money, so what?! from DINKS Finance
  3. Financial Topics That Should Be Discussed In School from FITNancials
  4. 6 Worst Things You Can Do When Trying to Pay Off Debt from On Better Terms
  5. Proving Your Worth from Save And Conquer

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