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Clever Posts Of the Week – December 27th

I’m so happy the holidays are over.  I love Christmas, I really do.  But the entire month of December is one big interruption to my daily routine, and by the time I get to the 25th of December I’m so ready to just get back to normality.  There’s one weekend of relaxing and putting away Christmas decorations between me and a normal Monday.  There’s not a Monday on the calendar that I look forward to more than this one!

How about you, are you relieved when the holidays are over?

If you’re looking for a bit of routine, I’ve got one for you.  Every Friday I provide my favorite posts of the week, and this Friday is no different.  Enjoy!

  1. 7 Ways to Climb Out of Debt in the New Year from Common Sense Millennial
  2. The #1 Priceless Christmas Present You Can Give Your Family from Net Worth Warrior
  3. Financial Independence: Don’t go into MORE debt this time of the year from Dojo Blog
  4. Wait, Don’t Buy That Yet! from Prairie Eco Thrifter

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