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Clever Posts of the Week – August 16th

It’s been a cool summer, but it looks like we might finally get a taste of August heat with temps forecasted to hit the 90’s next week.  I’ll take it, as we haven’t visited the outdoor pool at the gym we joined for the summer as much as I had hoped.   I’d really like to get some great use out of the facilities during the last couple weeks of summer vacation before the kids go back to school, and our membership comes to an end.   I can just imagine it: relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day, reading some excellent personal finance posts – like these!

  1. So You’ve Maxed Out Your Emergency Fund Now What? from Prairie Eco-Thrifter
  2. When Should You Replace the Old Car? from Save and Conquer
  3. What is a 401k? Only 17% of Teens Know from Free Money Minute
  4. A Lesson With Vehicle Break-Ins from Modest Money

I also had the privilege of guest posting over at Debt Roundup this week, with a post entitled A Lesson In Value and Marketing.

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