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Clever Posts Of The Week – 6/27

We had a little issue here at the Dude over the weekend.  Apparently some hackers were trying to break their way into the site as well as others using the same hosting company.  The login to the affected sites were temporarily blocked for our own protection.  So, here we are a few days late, BUT here are my favorite posts from the last week.   Enjoy!

  1. Deciding to Be Content Even When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You Plan from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  2. Can Getting Fit Improve Your Finances? from Money Rebound
  3. Make Money on Craigslist with Flipping from Money Ahoy
  4. Money morons: Trust and money from DINKS Finance

I also had a guest post, Selling Your Old Cell Phone For Cash, over at Money Smart Guides.  Check it out!

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