Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week

Welcome to the most awesome day of the week!  Spring is finally coming to the Midwest as temps are projected to SOAR into the 60’s and lower 70’s.  I’ve got a brisket that is begging to be smoked, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to fire up my smoker – it’s been toooo long since I’ve used it.   Have a great weekend, and be sure to check out my favorite posts from this week below!

  1. Many people think that you normally get more out of insurance than you pay into it over time, but Frugal Guru Guide explains that Insurance is a Bet You Want to Lose.
  2. How much do you pay attention to interest rates? I admit I don’t, but Kristina from Dinks Finance says you we should care a lot!
  3. I write about the financial lessons my son has learned, so Teaching Your Children Good Financial Habits from Smart Military Money caught my eye.
  4. Looking for a way to curb you spending?  Ready For Zero explains that you can do it by giving yourself an allowance.

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