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Clever Dude’s Week in Review Mar 4-10, 2007

This is the second week in a row where one of our articles has “made it big” and we’ve gotten a surge in readership. Over 12,000 of you came to read my wife’s Frugal Lunch article in one day, which made her very happy.

And then this week, over 32,000 of you came to read about How I get free laptops and plasma TVs for FREE over 2 days and Dugg it about 1200 times!

Yes, I did have a few other articles this week that you all liked. Here’s the highlights from Clever Dude this week:

Look for a few Share the Love articles coming out either today or tomorrow too!

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  • IM trying to get A free laptop to go school I don’t have money to buy one ,not liveing on $634.oo mo if you trulw know let me know or A loaner THANKS

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