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Clever Dude’s Week in Review April 2-8, 2007

This past week I launched my wife Stacie’s new nutrition-related website: Building Nutrition. Feel free to send Stacie or myself article ideas or even write your own! Stacie has a wealth of information to pull from for her own articles, and she is working on quite a few drafts right now.

Tuesday, I analyzed the effects of a gas mileage computer in my car on my driving habits. I find I try to see how efficient I can be with my driving, which I don’t do in vehicles without the gauge.

On the note of gas mileage, I commented on a pricey product to see your real-time gas mileage readings as well as error codes on your car.

Thursday, I did a little analysis into a new fad toy called Webkinz. I assessed whether Webkinz are a waste of money or a learning opportunity for your kids.

Friday, I posted how we dipped into our entertainment budget for a concert and dipped in some more afterwards.

Finally, I’m participating with a number of other financial sites in a friendly stock picking tournament. We get to see whose readers are more financially savvy (or lucky in my case). Entries are closed now, but you’ll get to see the daily results throughout the week here at Clever Dude.

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