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Clever Dude is out of commission for now

Just a heads-up that I’m looking for guest posts to cover me during the following week or two. Combining a really painful back problem (and neck pain and a very twitchy eye) with midterms and a load of other classwork, I just can’t keep up with new articles right now (at least ones I’m happy with posting). I seemed to have gotten in over my head this semester, and health problems have only made it that much worse.

So, if you have an article you wish to be posted at, email it to me at:

If you can’t see the image above, go here to contact me. Don’t use the form to send me an article, just let me know you’re interested and I’ll reply back with where to send it.

The article can be any topic of your choosing, but I retain editor rights. If you’ve read my site, you’ll see the types of articles I like to post. Throw in some humor if you’re at all funny. Oh, and if you want images on the article, make sure you have proper rights to use them. If you’re pulling from Flickr or some other source, include the proper attribution (artist name/URL). Lastly, write a quick blurb about yourself to include as an intro to the article.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing what you all submit!

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  • oh man, sorry to hear that bro 🙁 perhaps it effected your fingers too as i didn’t see you on IM today?

    i’ll do my best to send something over to help ya.

  • @J, actually I was on AIM, but I was working on homework, and a bit of real work, and crying in the corner over my back pain. Homework is done, but pain is still there.

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