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Chevy Malibu sale update #2

Getting tired of my talking about our Malibu? Well, you may only have to endure a few more days. Here’s the latest status:

  • I confirmed with the MVA that I am not required to get the inspection prior to sale, contrary to what their site says. It’s between me and the buyer. Duane would need to get the inspection done before he can register the vehicle though.
  • I talked to Duane’s credit union this morning after faxing over the notarized bill of sale, copy of the title and security interest filing. The lady was very pleasant and let me know all they need now is for Duane’s insurance company to fax proof of insurance. Once they get that, they can give Duane the certified check. She expects that it could happen today, assuming they get the proof of insurance.
  • I got the tires rotated and balanced on the Malibu yesterday, then dropped it off at the dealer to get the noise checked out. Basically, I hear a thump from the steering column area when I turn. The car is under warranty, and it’s not as much of an inconvenience for us to get the car fixed as it would be for Duane (since we have 3 cars now).

When we complete the sale, I’ll still need to take the Pontiac in to the shop to get a slapping noise from the right-front wheel checked out. I need to find a reputable mechanic first though. We probably should have gotten this done before we put the Malibu up for sale, but I was lazy and didn’t look for a mechanic. However, Stacie can drive my Ridgeline while the Grand Am is in the shop since I don’t really need it.

Thank goodness for public transportation.

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