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Cheap or Free Valentines Gift Ideas

806fbc30901f4d66a4f16e19643ec04dValentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is still time to get your loved one the perfect gift even if you are on a tight budget. Here are some tips you can use to make your Valentine’s Day a special, memorable and inexpensive one. Read through them and you’ll surely be inspired. In case you want to find out more at the end of the article, Discountrue will be featuring a series of posts with more ideas throughout the week.

Indoor Picnic

Make an indoor picnic complete with picnic tablecloth, cups, paper plates and all of your favorite finger foods and glasses of wine. The rule is you CANNOT feed yourself, you have to feed your partner. This includes the wine! This will be one Valentine’s Day neither of you will soon forget.

Boogie Nights

Make a CD or create a playlist of your favorite songs, especially the ones to dance to. Begin fully clothed and remove a piece of clothing with each new song! How long will you be able to resist each other?

Home Spa

Guys this is what you do for your lover on Valentine’s Day. Give her a home bath kit that includes inexpensive fragrant candles, bubble bath, facial mask and a body scrub. Draw her a bath and offer to scrub her back. Set the mood with candles and romantic music. Once she is done, have heated towels handy and help her to dry off. She will appreciate the effort.

Man Day

Girls you can begin Valentine’s Day with the breakfast of his dreams. If you are close enough to his work, surprise him for lunch. At dinnertime, lavish him with his favorite comfort foods. Line up his favorite sport and watch it with him in your skimpiest possible outfit. Get ready for the fireworks after.

Racy Messages

Send your lover sexy text throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. The naughtier the better. Even send sexy but not over revealing photos of yourself and let them know what to expect later.

Love Calendar

Surprise your lover with a yearlong calendar of pictures of just the two of you together. Make it themed with love related words and quotes. It will be a constant reminder of the love you have for each other.

You could also try making handmade vouchers!

Gifts at a Discount

If you still really want to get your Valentine a special gift but you don’t have extensive funds, you can visit Discountrue for more ideas and to get amazing deals on Valentine Day presents for him or her.

The above tips will help you create a memorable Valentine’s Day without spending too much money. The most important and valuable thing you can give each other is your time. Create those memories while having the most enjoyable Valentine’s Day ever.

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