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Changing Seasons equals Money Found

Just a note that tis the season for finding money. Now that the weather is getting colder, we’re donning our fall (or even winter) jackets, sweatshirts and jeans. What’s better than reaching into a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in 6 months and finding cash?

This morning I looked for some chapstick in my winter coat and I pulled out $2. Woohoo! time for a spending spree. Oddly enough, though, Stacie often finds much larger denominations in her clothes (fives, twenties). For what awful event is she hoarding money? For someone who never visits an ATM, she often has cash stashed away in her pockets. Hmm…not going to say anything more.

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  • I’ve actually ruined myself on this. Remembering just how good it feels to find cash in my winter pockets, I started putting $10s in there at the end of the season. But now I know that they’re there, so the excitement and surprise has been drained. It’s kind of like setting your alarm clock 5 minutes fast, but then subconsciously recognizing this so that the joy of an extra snooze is lost.

  • Sadly I won’t get to experience the joy of finding money in my pockets since I stopped using cash more than a year ago.

    The only cash I touch now is quarters for laundry and the occasional office donation. 🙂

  • First, I remeber growing up we would sometimes leave a small car or other item in our Christmas stocking so when we were getting them out the next year we “found” the toy and had something to play with before christmas rolled around.

    Second, winter coats already? Down here in Houston I have finally shut off my air conditioner. The temperature is not going to reach almost 90! A coat is still a ways off, but I don’t think I left any money in them. (Sadly I have almost 6-8 coats and it is rare to wear them here)

    Last, I don’t know if you know who Robert Earl Keen is but in the song “Feelin’ Good Again” a line goes “But I reached into my pocket
    Found three twenties and a ten
    It feels so good feelin’ good again”

    I have never had a problem of not knowing that I had $70 in my pocket, that has always annoyed me when listening to that song.

  • About a year and a half ago I found $60 stashed in a pair of underwear. Mind you, these were underwear from when I was about twelve. I just wish I knew about high yield savings accounts back then.

  • I felt the same way when I did some spring cleaning, and found a $20 bill laying around. That was an amazing feeling, but not as good as finding a $50 in a parking lot.

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