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Carnival of Personal Finance #98 Roundup

This week, We’re in Debt hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #98, where I contributed my own article “Fixing your finances: Be sure to insure“.

Here’s a few other articles I liked from this issue of the Carnival of Personal Finance:

  • Grad Money Matters posts an excellent discussion of 40 and 50 year mortgage loans. I myself have considered refinancing to a 40 year loan, but when I saw the numbers, I concluded the monthly payment savings versus a standard 30 year mortgage just weren’t worth the extra interest charges.
  • Forex Reader tells us 10 lies you should tell your spouse about your finances. Personally, I am totally honest with my wife, even if it hurts. I never want my wife for an instant to think I would be dishonest with her. However, not all relationships are like ours. My wife’s coworker is having a problem with her husband sending all of their savings to his family without asking her. He has sent them over $10,000 so far, and doesn’t push them to pay it back. It’s a very dangerous situation that requires a fix soon, or they will probably end up divorced (in my opinion).
  • Cash Money Life warns us about a new scam to clean out your bank accounts. I just had my own problem with a fraudulent transaction with my debit card, but that’s a story for another time.
  • Blunt Money reminds us to look at the “little picture” for your finances so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • My Wealth Builder discusses their parents’ home appreciation. I also live in the D.C. area, and know how much the previous owners of our home earned on their home. They bought it in 1978 for about $50,000 and sold it 25 years later for almost $400,000. It’s an impressive number, but they would have to factor in all they spent to upkeep, restore and upgrade the home to determine their actual profit. I would bet they broke even, even though they earned 8x their initial expenditure.
  • Queercents gives us a personal account of their first apartment (I definitely remember mine during and after college!) and what to watch out for when choosing your first apartment.
  • Make Your Nut examines the cost of buying soda and sandwiches at work versus bringing them from home. Our own Frugal Lunch article doesn’t even take into account buying soda (as neither I nor my wife really drink it).
  • Lulugal from How I Save Money gives us 25 ways she saves money with detailed explanations of each. The link I’m giving is to the full list, rather than just Part 1 she submitted for the Carnival.
  • And finally, A Girl Worth Saving tells us how she only spent $2400 on her wedding. We thought we had a low cost wedding at about $12,000, but we spent about $2,500 for the photographer versus what she spent (guess you have to read the article to find out how much).

Feel free to read the dozens of other articles posted at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance!

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