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Carnival of Personal Finance #100 Recap

Yep, it’s the 100th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is up at My Open Wallet. Guess what. I’ll be hosting the 103rd Carnival in just three weeks here at Clever Dude. I have a feeling I won’t be seeing the light of day that weekend, given the huge number of submissions for this latest Carnival.

My own article, “I got diet pills for $109, but never ordered them” was featured in the General and Miscellaneous Personal Finance section.

Here are some of my personal picks from the Carnival, but I definitely recommend checking out ALL of the articles:

  1. NCN (No Credit Needed) posted 10 ideas to begin getting out of debt. I actually was able to just stop using credit cards for a couple years until our wedding came. But I’ve paid off that debt and half of my total credit card debt. I expect to pay the rest of by this time next year (after we pay off our Malibu).
  2. Jon’s friend at Smart Money Daily tells his story of going bankrupt and living to tell about it. It was the first personal story I’ve read or heard from someone who has declared bankruptcy.
  3. The Money Mythos tells a similar story to my own troubles with a debit card, but he got $1000 taken out of his account in just a week! Read his(?) story about how Electronic Funds Transfers can pillage your bank account
  4. The Frugalist has 147 tips to live healthier, happier, greener and better. Whoah
  5. Canadian Money Advisor gives us a glimpse of money through the eyes of an 80 year old
  6. Everybody Loves Your Money gives us a list of “You shouldn’t buy a house when…”.
  7. And finally, Trent from The Simple Dollar ranks 26 Personal Finance books from Best to Worst

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  • Get a draft of the carnival started midweek and then just start adding the articles so that you don’t get stuck doing them all in one night.

    I hosted awhile back and was really glad that I got an early start to it. I would have gone insane if I’d waited. Even as it was, I found myself dreading going back to check the mailbox…… 🙂

    BTW, thanks for mentioning my post!! 🙂

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