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Carnival Of Money Stories #7 at Wise Bread

Because of my stupidity last week, I was able to submit a story to the Carnival of Money Stories hosted at Wise Bread.

Here’s some other articles I liked:

  • If that doesn’t take you forever to get through, here’s 77 tips for living without credit cards from DCL’s sister site Credit Card Lowdown
  • My Simple Trading System talks about how his wife made him frugal. My own wife helped make me frugal as well, but we still both have our weaknesses
  • Paula at Queercents discusses the importance of talking finances with your future partner/spouse. My wife and I went through all the money arguments soon after we got engaged, so once we got married over a year later, we were pretty well settled on the big stuff.

Now, take time to go visit the Carnival at Wise Bread and read all the articles!

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