Is Bitcoin A Good Way To Teach About Investing?


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Lately, I can’t turn on the television without hearing about it. It has the attention of both the media and financial experts. Bitcoin is all the rage as of late, and whether you think it’s a viable long-term investment vehicle, it could just be the perfect tool to teach your child about investing.

Here are just a couple reason why Bitcoin may be a great tool to teach your child about investing.

Bitcoin is Cool

Bitcoin is relatively new, and younger generations tend to latch onto new ideas. Being involved with a new type of currency (how often does THAT happen?), and potentially play a role in it’s continued success is something that may resonate with young people and attract their interest.

Bitcoin is Techie

Bitcoin relies on technology to operate and stay secure. People around the globe volunteer the processing power of their own computer to help generate the block chains that are needed to keep Bitcoin going. Not only is there technology involved, but there’s an aspect of crowdsourcing as well. Both of these concepts appeal to young people.

Investments Can Be Small

A person doesn’t have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Potential investors have the ability to start with amounts as small as $10. They could stay with a small investment or grow it a little at a time if they wish.

Bitcoin is an exciting, technologically attractive investment vehicle that may be interesting to young people. This fact, along with a few funds needed to get started makes it the perfect thing to get young people started on learning about investing. Bitcoin will undoubtedly be in the news a lot in the near future, and it gives a young person something interesting to follow as their investment goes up or down in value. Having such an experience will prepare them for dealing with larger investments later in life as they plan for and contribute to retirement accounts.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you ever thought about getting your child started with investing using Bitcoin? Have you invested in Bitcoin?

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