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Keep Your Car Shining: Here’s the Best Spray Wax for Your Car

best spray wax for cars

I have been driving the same model of car for the past four years, and I plan to keep it for as long as possible. I know people who purchase or lease a new vehicle every two years. What we have in common is – whether you own a veteran vehicle or a newer car, you always want it to shine. I used to use a carnauba paste wax, but I have become enamored with spray waxes of late.

Sure, there might not be much of a difference, but I appreciate the savings in application time. I know that car waxes don’t improve shine appreciably, over washing anyway, but are more valuable as a protective coating against bird droppings and other environmental threats. Still, I like to aesthetically enjoy the shine after the last rubbing application. I began experimenting with spray wax on a rolling basis. I wanted to find the best spray wax for cars that was affordable and of the utmost quality.

A good spray wax lasts about a month or two and should be reapplied as needed. I spent a few months experimenting with various brands to find the best spray wax for your car and wanted to share some of my results with you.

Car Guys Auto Hybrid Spray Wax

I found this to be one of the more longer lasting spray waxes. This spray wax uses a proprietary hybrid mix of liquid car polish and Brazilian carnauba wax. If you are mindful of the environmental conditions you drive in and wash your car every two weeks or so, the application might last several weeks before it needs a re-application. Still, it protects your car well, even creating a hydrophobic coating after a good waxing. Costs about $20.

Turtle Wax T-9

I like this spray wax because it can last a few weeks after a simple application. Its spray wax formula is comprised of carnauba wax and a kind of protective polymer. This formula enhances shine and provides a protective coating against environmental debris. The only drawback is that it wears off easily in hard rain and you’ll need to reapply it afterward. Sells for about $12

Mothers Car Spray Wax

I found that the various Mothers spray wax products for cars can last for weeks. What I love about this product is that it lasts so long you can use it for touch-up and spot re-applications instead of full-body reapplications. Make sure you apply pressure and wipe thoroughly or you could leave swirl-marks and streaks. Sells for about $17.

Other Tips for Using Spray Wax on Your Car

I hope my list of the best spray wax for cars has been helpful to you. Make sure you use new micro-fiber rags than an old terry cloth rag for best effect. They can cut down on post-application swirl-marks and streaks. Always thoroughly wash your car and let it dry before applying a wax. It also doesn’t hurt to try out new spray waxes to find the ones that result in the look you’re happy with and longest lasting application.

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