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Best Personal Finance articles from Carnival of Personal Finance #109

Cap from The Mint Blog posted a unique Carnival of Personal Finance this week. In normal carnival fashion, he organized the posts into categories, but he then went to each site to find out the date of the very first post. For the majority of sites, he found the date AND posted a link to that first article. My article was “Is Running Really a Bonding Activity for Couples?“. Funny, because I have something to announce/confess/admit about running, just as soon as I get around to typing it up.

So anyway, along with my post “Joint Accounts: One for you, One for me, One for us“, here are some of my favorites from this week’s Carnival:

  • Golbguru throws a twist and discusses thinking about your finances before having (more) children. Honestly, I agree. As much as your heart yearns for a child, or you feel that it’s just the right time, take some time to think about how you’ll pay for that child for the next 18 years (or more).
  • As much as I know Jim’s gotten tons of links to this article already, and as much as I don’t want to give him more links to his affiliate card offers (when I have my own), he DID write an excellent article about 5 accounts you absolutely must have (and 4 you don’t)
  • Dang, another guy I don’t want to give away links to (mainly because of the bricks he sent me) is Nickel. However, he did a great writeup of how various activities affect your credit score. I wish I could hold grudges! Unfortunately, I get angry (scary angry sometimes), but I’m not mean.
  • The new kid on the block, Tyler from Married and Broke posts the question “Emergency fund or credit card debt. Which to pay first?”. I’ve been helping Tyler get his site off the ground the last couple weeks (hey, he asked and I answered), so go check it out. I think he and his wife have a lot of potential. I’m also conflicted about the issue of where to send my extra dough. I know I need more cash savings, but I HATE DEBT!
  • Sometimes I forget that many of you probably rent, so here’s some help from Coddleshell with 7 tips to saving more on apartments. Alas, if only I was renting an apartment again. No pool to maintain. No grass to mow. But then again, thin walls and loud neighbors. Hit or miss I guess
  • The Digerati Life gives an in-depth analysis of how your name could affect your job, career and life. I really wanted to know what people thought of Michael, but I’ll just guess that everyone things Mikes are smart, handsome, funny, sexy and wait…no, that’s Sean Connery (I hope to have an awesome accent and speech impediment one day). Anyway, what do you think of when you hear the name “Mike”?
  • Lastly, Jen lists out a few ways to buy from your closet rather than from the store. Hmm, didn’t think of it that way.

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  • Thanks Mike! When I hear that name, it reminds me of this smart guy I used to work with (the former CTO of a startup I worked at). Or this cute guy I knew in college. Or this technophile I know who’s obsessed with Tivo… I mean, “Mike” may be everywhere, but it is such a wholesome, nice name in my book.

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