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Best Frugality Posts from the Festival of Frugality #98

Thanks to Being Frugal for including Stacie’s article “Inexpensive Ways to Woo Your Wife” in this week’s Festival of Frugality. Here are a few of my own favorites from the festival:

  • Frugal Journey shows some great ways to reuse those bland, soggy leftovers.
  • I agree with Cheap Healthy Good that shopping at ethnic markets can save a lot of money, especially on spices. The D.C. area is flush with ethnic markets ranging from Hispanic, Indian, halal meats, Chinese, Greek, Ethiopian and many more!
  • I was planning on writing a similar article since I’m getting tired of maintaining our home, but Millionaire Mommy Next Door beat me to it in her article “Can Renting Play a Part in the American Dream?“. She also has a slew of other articles discussing her rent vs. buy decision. Our reader, Casey, also wrote a great Renting Vs. Buying a Home article a few weeks back.
  • Mrs. Micah discusses Direct Buy. Honestly, I’ve been sucked into watching their infomercials more than once, but luckily I learned how much they cost a few years ago thanks to a coworker on another project. He paid $4,000. However, he owns 5-6 homes as rental properties, so he can spread out the cost more easily than the average home owner.
  • The Digerati Life shows us a few alternatives to the gym for working out.

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  • Thanks for the link. Your coworker sounds like one of the few people who could (potentially) do well with Direct Buy (though I just had a commenter say that her friends found they tended to carry more expensive stuff, so the discount isn’t better than what you could get elsewhere).

  • Thanks Clever Dude! There was a time when I didn’t mind spending a large portion of our weekends on home maintenance and improvements, but I am thrilled not to have that responsibility anymore. I love waking up on Saturday morning, enjoying a leisurely breakfast with my family, while making our plans to have FUN all weekend. Way cool.

  • Thanks for the link, Clever Dude. Yeah – ethnic markets rule. When I got the inexpensive cardamom, I bought a piece of baklava along with it, just to show my appreciation (er, and I was hungry).

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