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Best Frugality Posts: 85th Festival of Frugality Recap

Greetings all! I hope you’re enjoying the heat, cause I’m not. And I’m sure Stacie is tired of hearing me say “I’m sick of sweating”. But I really am! I long for the cool days of the fall and even winter, when I’m not drenched in sweat halfway on my walk to/from the metro.

Anyway, enough complaining. Let’s get to my picks for the 85th Festival of Frugality hosted by FrugalBabe:

  • The Digerati Life advises how to save money when buying those cool gadgets you want
  • Ok, some people have called me cheap in my life for turning off the lights when I leave a room, but the Tight Fisted Miser has gone extreme by taking cold showers to save $45 a month. No, uh-uh, not happening here. I’ll just take shorter showers thank you.
  • Storied Money wants a hybrid car, but knows she shouldn’t buy one.
  • Frugal Panda lists 50 Frugality Bloggers. Maybe I didn’t make the list cause I’m just cheap.
  • Free Money Finance details his quest, and success, on buying good basketball shoes for his growing son without breaking the bank in “Becoming Michael Jordan for $14.98“. I agree with some of the commenters that the b-ball crowd cares more about image than saving money, but if they work as good or better than Jordan shoes, then what’s important is his son’s game quality. I don’t think I would ever buy Jordan’s for my kid. The most brand-name thing we have in the house now is my wife’s new Coach purse (a gift for her 30th bday last week).
  • MoneyNing explains how wasting miles equals wasting gas.

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  • Sorry to hear it’s so hot over there. Not so here… still moderate. I’d like to say thanks for including me in your picks! And as for making the frugality list (Frugal Panda’s), I didn’t either. Maybe I’m not cheap enough? But i thought i was… 😉

  • I’m in Atlanta now and it is quite hot here too! I think I have gained a lot of weight since I never used to sweat like this when I was younger. Thanks for the mention here btw 🙂

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