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Best Frugality Articles from Festival of Frugality #90

A cutely named and designed site called Bean Sprout hosted the 90th Festival of Frugality this week. I didn’t have any articles specifically frugal-oriented last week, so I’ll just run down my favorites from other writers:

  • Being Frugal gives some reasons one must be organized to be frugal.
  • Stop the Ride analyzes the question “Is it worth my time?” but expands on that query and questions whether and how money should be related to it.
  • Raising 4 Boys investigates the use of shower timers for his boys. I also get into a trance sometimes, and it wastes a load of water. But the shower can be so soothing!
  • Fire Finance follows many of the same rules and tips for saving money on dining out as we do.
  • The Frugal Duchess gives some tips for cut flowers. I always have cut flowers in the house for Stacie (a promise I voluntarily made when we got married). I agree with every tip. And before Stacie comments on this, I’ll say that sometimes the flowers are no longer “fresh”, like right now. But they still don’t look bad if they’re dried up in the vase as long as they’re the right kind of flower, like carnations.
  • Lazy Man and Money gives some good tips for saving on entertainment.
  • And last but not least, Free Money Finance advises on how to get great home improvement experience: volunteer for Habitat for Humanity! I actually thought of this too, but FMF beat me to the punch (I wish I wasn’t so lazy). HfH isn’t the only home-building/renovation non-profit out there, but they’re the most known. Check your area for other volunteer opportunities.

Thanks to the Festival, I’ve subscribed to about another dozen personal finance/frugality sites!

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