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Best Debt Articles from Carnival of Debt Reduction #104

The Happy Rock hosted the 104th Carnival of Debt Reduction this week, and it included some pretty interesting articles. I didn’t participate in any carnivals this week, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give some link love to my favorite posts!:

  • Rather Be Shopping shares how he got out of credit card debt. I definitely agree with his statement that “getting out of debt was a marathon, not a sprint”. Wait, didn’t I compare money and marathons too???
  • Saving Advice tells us about some necessities we can live without. I agree with all of them, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my cellphone or second car (yet). We could have done with only one car before I started school, but now I need my truck to get to class 2 days per week, before Stacie gets home from work. I guess there’s always the ZipCar option though.
  • We’re in Debt asks if you’re ashamed of your debt. I’m ashamed of the stupid stuff I did in the past, but I’ve learned and I’m making those mistakes less often. I talk openly to people about our debt, on this site and off, so I’m constantly reminding myself of our goal and informing others that it’s ok to confront their own debt problems.

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