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Announcing Random Guest Blogger: Shawn

I’d like to announce that we’ll have a random guest blogger here at Clever Dude. I was thinking of calling him Clumsy Dude or Accident Prone Dude (he wanted Cleverer Dude), but we’ll just stick with Shawn for now.

Shawn has been my bestest friend for over 10 years now, and is definitely much geekier than I am. He works as a software engineer on some pretty fancy systems, and as with most engineers, over-analyzes everything he does. That’s great for you readers because Shawn will be providing some great articles with a wealth of information on many personal, professional and political topics. In fact, I’ll be posting his first article today!

Shawn and I have often been mistaken for brothers, both physically and mentally, and our wives are both convinced we share the same brain. We even got the same wedding band without the other’s knowledge! I think you’ll really enjoy his posts, and I hope he’ll become a regular contributor to this site. Welcome Shawn!

Now if I can only get my other long-time friend Realist to stop writing blasting comments and start writing true articles, this would be a well-rounded blog!

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  • there was a time, when the 3 of us were walking, and all walked into a sign…yeah, that was a good nite.

    i am a friendly troll…you can’t always have everyone agreeing all the time, that is never fun.

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