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A Lesson on Money and Frugality: Festival of Frugality #113

Knowing Mighty Bargain Hunter’s love of coins, I shouldn’t have expected anything less for this week’s Festival of Frugality than a history lesson on money. For instance, do you know under which president the U.S. Mint was formed? In which city? Or that Millard Fillmore was actually a president? I didn’t! Ok, so the Millard thing wasn’t in the festival, but I had to throw it in there (he was the 13th president).

My article “An Illustrated Frugal Lunch” was featured near the top, mainly because the submissions are listed in chronological order of submission. Here are some of my other favorites of the festival:

  • Seeing my wife struggling with the politics, long drive and long hours at her work, I’ve been considering whether it’s best if she just quits and takes off for a while (and even starts her own business). That’s why Savvy Frugality’s Ten Lessons from a One-Income Family was an important read for me.
  • Frugality is NOT about deprivation. It’s about saving money in one place so you have more to spend elsewhere. That is the main theme in Sense to Save’s article “No more deprivation in the name of frugality!“.
  • This Wasn’t in the Plan realizes that she can use House Envy in positive ways. In our own house, we have more rooms than we need but I still feel like we don’t have enough space. The lesson is to learn from those who have orderly homes rather than envying them and beating up on yourself.
  • Funny About Money gives a few first-hand experiences to teach why buying second-hand is important. Honestly, if I wasn’t so lazy and if Stacie didn’t have an irrational fear of used goods, we would be able to furnish our house nicely out of Craigslist and thrift shops.

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