8 Great Father’s Day Gifts

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Maybe you had carefully thought out your gift to your mother weeks ahead of time, or maybe you fell into the group of people wandering aimlessly around Walmart at 6:00am trying to put something together at the last minute. Whichever group you fall into, Father’s Day is coming up in June, and the time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your dad is now! Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Funny Card

Many dad’s love to laugh. A humorous card will give him a chuckle, and let him know that you made an effort to make him feel special.

Round Of Golf

This is the most expensive item on the list, but if your dad loves golf, it will be much appreciated. You could add a new dimension to the gift by golfing with him. This would not only be the gift of something he loves to do, but also spending time together.

Beer Sampler

Many specialty and microbrews offer sampler packs of their products. Give your dad the gift of some cold ones that may end up being a new favorite!

Personalized Beer Mug

Whether you buy a mug and have it etched with something personal, or if it comes with a fitting humorous phrase it’s sure to be used by your favorite dad. Better yet, put it in the freezer and give it to him filled with his favorite ice cold brand of beer.

Gym Bag

If you dad loves to work out, chances are pretty good that his gym back is way overdue to be replaced. He’ll never do it himself, so this is your chance to help him out without saying his current bag is smelling up the whole house.

New Wallet

Another thing dads always use way past when they should be replaced is their wallet. Even if they’re well aware of the fact that it’s falling apart, they may not buy a new one. This Father’s Day give your dad the gift that he’ll use every day!

Multi-Purpose Grill Spatula

What dad wouldn’t love a spatula that also has a built in knife and bottle opener? All the grilling essentials in one tool!

Grilling Apron

Grilling dads love to show off their skills. Nothing says, “I’m going to grill something spectacular for my family!” like a BBQ apron with a funny grilling phrase on it.

These are just some of the favorite gifts that I’ve gotten for Father’s Day over the years. Every dad has their own interests and hobbies that can be used as a foundation for a great gift. Use one of these ideas, or maybe they’ve helped you think of the perfect gift and you’ll be ready for Father’s Day!


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