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70th Festival of Frugality is up!

No Credit Needed has posted the 70th Festival of Frugality over at This festival collects submitted articles about all topics frugal, and is fast becoming my favorite (yes, even over the Carnival of Personal Finance). I find most of the frugality articles are written with a more personal voice than straight finance articles, and that’s what makes Personal Finance, well, personal.

My own article “Breathing new life into an old lawnmower” seemed to tickle NCN’s funny bone and got me into the top spot in the posting. Somehow picturing me pushing around a 3 wheeled lawnmower must be funny. My grass didn’t think so!

Here are some of my own highlights for this week’s Festival. In my usual style, I work bottom-up to give the posts at the end a little more exposure:

  • As if he was reading my mind, Jeff at Art of Slacking posted about saving money by using the office to “take care of business”. If you hover over the link, you’ll see what I mean by “business”. The article was hilarious, and my wife, friends, family and coworkers know how much I enjoy my break time!
  • Cynthia at Never Again Debt tells us her story of how she always seems to find money on her cash-only budget.
  • Mapgirl keeps killing her shredders and asks “When is it time to replace vs repair something?”.
  • Grad Money Matters tells us why living frugally is awesome! You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about selling all but one car, cutting the cable, and selling all my underwear. However, my wife wouldn’t like any of those, especially the last one.
  • Frugal Babe (and her husband) decides to sell her engagement ring, even though she’s happily married.
  • And finally, Trent from The Simple Dollar gives us 10 financial reasons to turn off your TV.

I’ll be looking forward to the festival weekly, whether I contribute or not. You can see when the next festival posts at the Festival of Frugality’s Homepage.

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