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7 Easy Ways To Make Money While You Sleep


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Imagine waking up in the morning, rolling over to check your smart phone to find out you’ve made money while you were sleeping. The ability to make money with minimal effort is the cherry on top of financial freedom. This is called passive income, and even for the common person, there are several ways to make money while you sleep.


There are always businesses making money, and if you can grab onto their coat tails, you can make money too. With a sound investment strategy, and the discipline to set aside some funds each month to invest in your future, seeing how much money you make is as easy as checking the newspaper or a financial website. Platforms like Personal Capital and Betterment have both been successful in providing brokerage and advising services for hundreds of thousands of clients.

Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to Peer lending is really just a specialized form of investing. You pick your risk level, and the amount you want to contribute to help funding a loan to someone. When the loan is paid, you get your money back with interest. This takes zero effort from you, the loan holder could make payments anytime of the day, which means you could make money while you sleep!

Rental Property

This one will take money up front to secure some property. Then, you rent the property to someone else, charging more than your payment (assuming you have one) plus maintenance costs. There will be periodic work that needs to be done, but much of the time when the rent check show up each month you simply watch your net worth grow! Rental real estate has been great for some people – such as the crew over at DINKs finance, they managed to book $11,000 from actively managing their real estate – in just five weeks.

Stock Photography

If you’re good behind a lens, you can sell your pictures on sites like ShutterStock to people (like blog owners!) that are looking for stock photos. People from all over the world can view and pay money to use your pictures. Selling pictures you might already have saved away on your phone or computer is a great way to make money while you sleep!

Start or Buy A Blog

When I’m searching around on the internet, I commonly end up on sites that have advertisements. If I click on an ad and end up making a purchase, I just made someone money. By having your own little space on the web with affiliate ads, you could have people clicking money into your bank account while you’re dreaming about your next vacation.


If you’ve ever attended a home party that sold products, you’ve been exposed to multi-level-marketing. The representative certainly makes money off of the purchases made, but they also make money by signing up others to be representatives. People in MLMs typically get a percentage of the sales of the people they brought into the business. You might wake up in the morning to find out one of the people you signed up had a huge sale the night before, meaning more money for you!

Rewards Credit Cards

The most lucrative passive income channels are ones in which you get paid to do activities you normally do anyway. We all buy things to get through life; groceries, gasoline, clothes, etc. Why not earn some money back simply by paying with a credit card. Earning money with minimal effort is an ultimate financial goal, freeing up your time to do other things you enjoy. Making money while you sleep might sound like a dream, but it can be a reality!

How about you Clever Friends, how else can you make money while you sleep?

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