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5 Xtreme Saving Ideas! Warning: May be a little gross

Yeah, that’s right. I left the “E” out of “Extreme”. That means this article is XTREME!

People are extremely frugal for 3 reasons:
1. They just don’t have money to spend
2. They have money to spend, but they want to save as much as possible
3. They have money to spend, but they like the challenge of not spending

I’ve come up with 5 ways these super-savers can squeeze even more pennies into their piggy bank. I must caution you, some ideas are a little strange and may be slightly disgusting.
1. Reuse paper towels – I actually saw a family doing this on a news report about 8 years ago. They weren’t broke, just cheap. They would wash their paper towels and hang each one separately on a clothesline to dry. Personally, I think it’s great for the environment, but why don’t they just use regular washclothes? Dear goodness, maybe they were using OTHER people’s trashed towels. Hope they didn’t try to reuse other household paper products…

2. Reuse contact lense solution – That’s right, just don’t throw it out. I question how sanitary this is, considering the eye fungus issues recently. I guess most REALLY frugal people would just wear used glasses.

3. Don’t wear socks or underwear – Most of us wear a pair of socks every day, right? Along with underwear, it’s the most washed part of our wardrobe. Look through your laundry each week and pick out these items, then see how big your pile of clothes really is. How much could you save each week in laundry if you just didn’t wear these undergarments? Of course, ignore the chafing and smelly shoes.

4. Go old-school for your phone – Don’t have a cell phone or wired phone. Just use a pay phone down at the corner. That’s what we call Amish.

5. Don’t bathe – Surprisingly, some colleagues who make over $100,000 per year also think showering, or at least deodorant, is optional. I doubt you’ll get far in your professional, or even personal, life without bathing, but it will certaintly save you a wad of cash in soap, shampoo, water, sewer, and dining out bills. Why dining out bills? Cause you would be thrown out of every joint you step foot in.

Hope you enjoyed these XTREME savings tips. If you decide to practice any of the hygiene-related ones, then please don’t come near me. Thanks.

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