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5 Ways to Save Money in College

Tuition drains you, books decrease your bank balance, and let’s not even talk about rent and utilities. Top off your spending with a necessary food budget, and you’re near empty! While they may be the best four years of your life, the time you spend in college leaves your wallet exhausted. What’s a student to do?

Find ways to save money, of course. But penny pinching isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have much experience with budgeting. However, some good-natured companies provide discounts specifically for college students. Pretty clever on their end, considering there isn’t much a student loves more than freebies or discounts!

These five ways will help you save money in college.

  1. Don’t Over-pay to Play

Hit any college campus and you’ll see students roaming around with earbuds in, headphones on, or their speakers blasting some music. It’s obvious everyone has a favorite music app, and those bad boys are usually subscription based.

Do you use Spotify? Apple Music? Here’s the good news: most music subscription services offer a discount to college students. Just flash your I.D. (or upload a pic) and you’ll see some savings.

  1. Get Frugal About Your Food

You’ve probably discovered that meal plans are a big necessity, especially as a freshman and sophomore. Use your meal plan if you’ve got one! Good food is hard to come by, and grocery shopping can be a doozy in the budget department.

Download apps that offer local sales, coupons, and discounts for grocery stores. Flipp is a great app that will send you the weekly sales for your area. Don’t forget to sign up for grocery store rewards programs, either. They cost nothing, and it’s a relief to watch money fly off your total at the register once you’ve used your rewards card.

If you’re feeling really frugal, whip out your student I.D. out at the register. All stores are different, but you’re likely to snag a discount around 5% off.

  1. Forget Amazon Prime

We all know Amazon is King of e-commerce and online shopping. With your student I.D., you will get free two-day shipping. That kind of convenience is hard to come by.

If you’re in love with Prime, don’t miss the opportunity to get in on Prime Student. From study tools and supplies to electronics, Prime Student has whatever you need… without the trek to the store.

  1.  Find Free Fun

Hey, it’s college. This shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. However, it’s really hard to say no to a night out… and you shouldn’t have to let finances get in your way.

Colleges offer discounts on their sporting events for students. Take advantage of those tickets, because once you graduate that discount goes away! Loads of other entertainment venues offer discounts to college students, knowing students aren’t rolling around in cash.

  1. Save on Clothes Shopping

From Urban Outfitters (adorable dorm and apartment accessories) to Ann Taylor Loft, loads of stores offer discounts to students. Why not take advantage of them when you need to spruce up your closet? The ultimate guide to college I.D. discounts in stores has a running list of which stores offer discounts, and how much those discounts are.

Use these five ways to save yourself money while you’re in school.

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