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5 Ways Balding Gracefully Can Save You Time, Money and More

Comb OverI’d like to make a confession. I’ve been balding for the last 10 years, but it hasn’t caught up to me yet. However, I’ve realized quite a few benefits of going bald GRACEFULLY.

Going bald gracefully means the following:

  1. Accepting that your wisp of hair DOES NOT hide your scalp
  2. NOT growing your hair long on the sides so that you can comb it over your scalp
  3. NOT paying thousands of dollars for hair plugs (seriously, I know someone doing this)

So, what kind of savings can you expect once you’ve admitted and accepted that you’ll never have a luscious bouffant again?
Update: I want to clarify that these steps require you to buzz down whatever hair you have left. I suggest a #1 clipper guard. Also, I’m NOT talking about actually shaving your head since that’s EXTRA time rather than saving time:

  1. You can cut your own hair or have a spouse/friend (preferred) do it and save $180-$360 per year, minus about $20 once for the clipper kit. That’s based on $15-30 monthly haircut. I know guys spending $40 or more monthly on haircuts!
  2. Wash your hair with soap or a small drop of shampoo. With so little hair, why use more than you need? I actually just use the shampoo my wife doesn’t want anymore.
  3. Get rid of all your combs, brushes, hair picks, and hair dryers since you won’t need them with short hair. I’ll just throw out a random number and assume you’ll save $100 per year on electricity costs for that power hog hair dryer and heating that extra shower water. I know our lights dim when my wife turns on her little hair dryer.
  4. Save 10-20 minutes daily, or 3 to 5 WHOLE DAYS each year by skipping your morning primping routine. You can walk out of the shower, dry your hair in 5 seconds and move on.
  5. You can save yourself public ridicule. You’re not fooling anyone with that combover.

Do you have friends or family in denial about going bald? Got any savings tips of your own?

Photo thanks to [Combover: The Movie]

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