5 Reasons Retailers Use Human Street Signs

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They’re usually found on the corner of intersections, doing their thing in just about any kind of weather conditions. I’m talking about those crazy sign holders, advertising a sale for a nearby hair salon, quick lube stop, or a retailer that is going out of business. Some just stand there holding their sign, others jump around, blow noise makers or do just about anything to get your attention. So what is the deal with these people, and why do retailers use human street signs?

Temporary Advertising

A human street sign can advertise a short term sale or promotion. Sometimes it may just reinforce that week’s special, or it may be good only for the day or weekend. A retailer could have a human street sign present every weekend, but what they’re advertising could change frequently.

High Visibility

Usually placed at a busy intersection or along the roadway near the business, a human street sign will be seen by every car that drives by. Without the human street sign, motorists may not have even known that particular retailer was at that location.


These human street signs don’t have to stay stationary.  They can move from one intersection to another, or walk along the roadway. When a sign is moving, it also may attract more attention from passing motorists.


It may be impossible for the retailer to be able to be able to place a sign or rent a billboard near their location. However, there’s no law against a person standing on the street corner holding a sign!


Renting a billboard can be a long term, expensive investment. However, a human street sign is paid by the hour and can be present only during high traffic times maximizing visibility while minimizing cost.

Human street signs may just seem like entertaining sign holders hanging out along the road or on the corner of an intersection. But they’re really almost marketing genius with their ability to insert a low-cost advertisement into high visibility traffic areas. Next time you see one, honk and wave and appreciate them!

How about you, Clever Friends, when was the last time you saw a human street sign?

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