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5% Discover Cashback for Home and Apparel purchases

If you have a Discover Card with cashback benefits, you may be able to take advantage of the newest cycle promotion. Every 3 months, Discover gives a full 5% cashback bonus for specific types of purchases.

This quarter (April 1 – June 30), Discover is offering cashback on Home and Apparel purchases.

That means anything you buy at the following stores (per the Discover website) qualifies you for 5% cashback:

Home and Apparel

* Lowe’s®
* Linens ‘n Things
* Bed Bath & Beyond®
* Ace Hardware®
* Sears
* Kohl’s
* JCPenney
* Dillard’s

…and More

* DICK’S Sporting Goods
* Circuit City
* Borders®
* Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

This is great since we need a new lawnmower, grass seed, fertilizer, and many other home items. I also need some new work clothes as my 6 year old black slacks are getting pretty ratty.

So, use your Discover Card starting tomorrow, April 1, for all your home and clothing purchases, but make sure you pay off the balance each month or you’ll more than cancel the cashback benefits.

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